GTA 5 Mods Natural Realism Graphics


Overhaul focusing on greater realism, beauty and variety

Hi, I’m VoxR4710 aka ichibu from SkyrimNexus. This is my GTA series of mods Natural Realism which provides improvements for existing game files only, aimed at creating the most comprehensively realistic experience without losing anything from the original game, or relying on 3rd party scripts or injectors.
The end goal is that you can download both NR mods and those may be the only 2 mods you ever need to install.

You don’t need any other mods or software installed to use this. However, due to the nature of this only replacing vanilla files and only using vanilla resources, you should be able to swap, combine or overwrite any or all of the files with those of any other mods without experiencing any conflicts e.g. bugs/crashes.


  • 100% realistic headlights, for all cars player or NPC
  • General graphics quality increased beyond ultra
  • Draw distances for car lights, lampposts, traffic cars, traffic lights increased and qualities improved
  • Much darker nights, darker rain & thunder weathers
  • Unrealistic effects removed
  • Lens flare in first person, blue fog, glowing humans etc

– Compatible with all other mods (Visualsettings or Timecycle mods will overwrite this but not break your game)
– There are more vehicles and peds, but not much more
– Sunlight is much brighter, lighting tweaked to replicate human vision
– Camera effects removed from first person view, chromatic increased to simulate focus loss in peripheral vision
– Less sky bloom (whitewashing)
– Increased general bloom, increased saturation, increased contrast, decreased gamma, modified tonemapping
– Much darker nights
– Distant fog reduced (not removed)
– Visibility in rain and thunder weathers reduced vastly
– Everything is more reflective
– Many graphics-related distance values increased
– Brighter, lighter, further streetlights with slight volumetric fog added to simulate dust
– Powerful emergency lights that reach the sides of the streets
– Vehicle headlights made to match real life with a much greater distance
– Ped vehicles now have real headlights *exactly* like yours (FPS hit warning) (notice they don’t change when you enter/exit the vehicle anymore)
– Modified undercar neons, greatly reduced dashboard hand lighting, increased interior & door light power, drastically reduced brake and reverse light power
– Realistic light coronas – weaker normally, blinding in rain and fog

Use OpenIV or your favourite mod tool to open the rpf archives as shown inside the provided zip file. The directory structure mirrors that of the RPF archives. Copy all files to their respective locations inside the RPFs.
Recommended to make backups or use ‘mods’ folder method – always.

For those wondering about compatibility, it should be fine to mix most parts of this mod with any others. I’m only changing original GTA files in this mod. 80% of this mod is about visualsettings.dat and the timecycle files.

4.5: Tuned gameconfig. Headlights tweaked slightly.
4.0: Performance version added. Made for myself to help resolve gfx bugs. Has reduced graphics quality but I think the tradeoff is worth it personally. Among other things, reduced lighting distance and vehicles render distance (still greater than vanilla though).
4.0: Gameconfig updates, max quality version available.
3.7: Updated (CRASH FIX) for latest game update caused by outdated gameconfig.xml
3.6: Gameconfig improvements, may see performance increase
3.5: More little fixes, non critical
3.3: Tiny fixes
3.2: Headlights improved a little more, xenon colors lightened
3.1: Siren distance reduced a bit, light corona power reduced in daytime for rain & thunder weathers.
3.0: Remade and rebalanced mostly for performance purposes. Headlights perfected, sirens improved, adaptive DoF with bokeh improved/increased, start of fake LOD traffic vehicle distance increased
2.1: Updated for Casino DLC. Removed gameconfig.xml – recommended to use WoV’s version or your own.
2.0: Sun rays reduced to more realistic amounts, Clear weather sky desaturated, fog reduced for Cloudy and Overcast weathers, high performance version included in same archive now
1.9: Tonemapping finalised, high performance version improved
1.8: Fixed odd lighting at certain times for Thunder weather and generally darkened that weather. Altered tonemapping.
1.7: Even darker nights on some weathers (sky/fog/light brightness reduced)
1.6: Darker nights and added Smog weather. Included High Performance visualsettings.dat which I use for higher FPS at 4K.
1.52: Volumetric fog tweaks, miscellaneous distance increases, Neutral weather set as lighter rain, Clearing & Rain weathers improved, readme updated
1.51: Night lighting tweaks, volumetric fogs added
1.5: Even darker nights for some weathers, finalisations
1.4: Rain weathers lighting tweaks, darker nights for all weathers, headlights visuals improved and finalised once more. Performance hit possible
1.3: The rain update. Rain and thunder weathers reworked to be more intense and difficult with reduced visibility, pitch black rural nights and blinding lights. Other tweaks and finalisations.
1.2: Headlight power reduced, angles modified, performance boosted slightly, coronas modified, headlight beam starting too far back bug fixed, underglow neons perfected, bloom reduced in some weathers
1.12: Universally realistic coronas, size and strength increased for wet weathers (Foggy, Clearing, Rain, Thunder), headlight light render distance increased a little more still. Finalising tweaks.
1.11: Neons rebalanced again, sirens increased more, brakelights reduced again more.
1.10: Significantly lowered strength of lights from brakes and reversing – no more trails as you drive, underglow neons tweaked again
1.05: Lowered reflections slightly, increased ocean wave sizes, rebalanced streetlight changes for blending, reworked headlights (player & ped headlights are almost exactly same now) an doubled headlight draw distance. Pretty sure this update thrashes performance, at least at night, but so worth it!
1.03: Tweak fog and distant haze balance for realistic distant views
1.02: Whiter streetlights and brighter city lights overall
1.01: Reduced fog more, fixed distant blackness, improved dawn lighting, increased emergency light distances and misc slight tweaks

For a reason that got deleted somehow and i can’t recall, but was valuable to the project!

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