GTA5MODAZ.COM is a website specializing in mods for GTA5 games. Here, you can find thousands of unique mods from many sources like popular games, cartoon tv show, mobile games and movies. With daily updates, we release nearly 200 mods per month. You really can hardly find a more special GTA 5 mods site here.

Who we are and why we build this site ?

We are a small team creating GTA 5 MODS for those who want to play their favorite characters in GTA 5. You can donate us by buying mods or becoming membership. We love this job and we love you !

Why do we charge membership fees ?

We know the fee collection will significantly affect your experience. But actually, we really need funding to maintain the website, rent a server, maintain the website, hire support staff, buy tools to use for modding and … buy foods and a few cups of coffee to stay awake while working. Hope you all understand and sympathize with this small fee. Thank you very much.

How can I support or donate for your great work ?

Very easy, you can support or donate us by subscribe for membership and buying mods. This will greatly help us in maintaining the site and continuing to this favorite work.


Do I need to set up an account with you ?

Setting up an account is really easy and only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to give us your name and then create a password, which you can use to access your account at a later date. With an account you can check the progress of an order, change your details and save your payment details, which will speed things up the next time you order.

I have registered an account but I cannot log in ?

Once you have completed the membership registration at the website, an email containing the activation link will be sent to your email inbox. Please check your email to activate your account at the site.

How do I check my account details ?

By logging in to your account using your email address and password, you will be able to access your account details.

I've fogotten my password ?

No problem – all you need to do is grab a password reminder. You can find this at the ‘Login/My Account’ section of the site. Simply click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link and we’ll email it over to you.

My account has been locked !

This happens after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. Your password is case sensitive, so please bear this in mind when entering your details. If you do enter an incorrect password on more than 3 occasions, your account will be locked for 5 minutes. This is to prevent unwanted attacks on the website! To resolve this, you need to wait for the freeze time to expire, then use the “forgot password” function to reset your password. Please note, in case you intentionally enter incorrect information after many freezes, your account and IP will be permanently locked by our security system due to website security issues.


What payment methods do you accept ?

We can accept the following cards and payment methods online: Visa Card / Master Card / Paypal
Alternative payment method (please contact us for more information): Wise.com / Payoneer / Direct Bank Transfer

How do I redeem a discount or special offer ?

To redeem a discount code, select the basket icon, click ‘View Bag’ and enter the code into the ‘Add a Promotion Code’ box. If you proceed to checkout without entering your code you’ve gone too far and need to go back to your Shopping Bag. You can only use one promotional code per order.

Why isn't my voucher code working ?

Double check you haven’t clicked through to the checkout before adding your voucher code, as it can only be entered while you’re in the Shopping Bag. Make sure you are entering into the ‘Add a Promotion code’ box. Voucher codes are set to expire after a certain time, so it might be that you’re using an outdated code. Most of our vouchers are for single use and case sensitive. They also cannot be used during Sale periods, and you can’t use more than one on a single order.

I forgot to use my offer code - can I claim it afterwards ?

This is simple to fix – as long as the code was valid at the time of ordering, all you need to do is wait until you order is completed (or processing status when purchase membership), then email us with your order number. We’ll then refund the amount back to you.

When will I be charged for my order ?

Payment is taken at the point of ordering.

Has my order been successfull ?

Once your order’s gone through, you should receive an email with an order number. If you don’t receive an email, just double check that you’ve spelled your email address correctly – it’s also worth checking your junk mail. If you’ve checked and you’re still unsure, please email us so we will be happy to look into this for you.


How do I return a purchased item ?

We are sorry, just because we are providing “Digital products”, so once you’ve purchased any items or subscribed for membership, these items / memerbship cannot be returned !

Can I get refund for the amount / products / membership that I have deposited / purchased / subscribed ?

Sorry, you cannot get refund for the amount you have deposited. Please check carefully before making any payment !

When will i receive my refund ?

In the event of an error arising from our side, after checking we will refund to your “account funds” on website. You can use it to continue shopping.


How many types of membership are there?

Curently we have 4 types of membership: Vip Membership / Premium Membership / Diamond Membership / Lifetime Membership.

I'm Vip membership - What kinds of Mods can I download ?

Vip members can only download Mods in Vip section (Mods have a Vip badge on the thumbnail). Vip Membershipcan download 4 Mods per day.

I'm Premium membership - What kinds of Mods can I download ?

Premium members can download Mods in Vip and Premium section (Mods have a Vip and Premium badge on the thumbnail). Premium Membership can download 8 Mods per day.

I'm Diamond membership - What kinds of Mods can I download ?

Diamond members have the highest benefits. With Diamond member, you can download anything you want (except Paid Mods). Diamond Membership can download 12 Mods per day.

I'm Lifetime membership - What kinds of Mods can I download ?

Diamond members have the highest benefits. With Diamond member, you can download anything you want (except Paid Mods). Lifetime membership has unlimited download.

Why do I need to pay for membership ?

You need to get Membership to download Mods on website. Beside that, we really need funding to maintain the website, rent a server, maintain the website, hire support staff, buy tools to use for modding and … buy foods and a few cups of coffee to stay awake while working. Hope you all understand and sympathize with this small fee. Thank you very much.

Can I buy membership with my Funds ?
Yes, you can buy membership with your Funds. In case you cannot subscribe for membership with Paypal, you can try to add funds to your account by go to the link below to add the funds you want, then you can use your funds to subscribe for membership
How can I cancel my membership ?

You can cancel your membership in two ways:

1/ In your Paypal account (if you don’t know you can ask our support team directly)

2/ In your account on website

  • Go to https://gta5modaz.com/my-account/my-subscription/
  • Choose your subscription number (on top, start with #…)
  • Press CANCEL.
  • You have successfully unsubscribed.
  • What benefits do I get when I become a membership ?

    You can read the full benefits of each membership. Please click here > Subscription Plan

    Can I continue using Mods when my membership period ends ?

    Yes, any Mods you have downloaded, it’s yours and you can use it forever.

    Do you charge extra fees for membership ?

    No, we do not charge any extra fees than membership fees.

    How many Mods can I download per month ?

    * Vip membership can download 4 Mods per day ~ equal to 120 Mods per month.
    * Premium membership can download 8 Mods per day ~ equal to 240 Mods per month.
    * Diamond membership can download 12 Mods per day ~ equal to 360 Mods per month.
    * Lifetime membership has unlimited download.

    Can I share these Mods ?

    Yes, you can share these Mods with your friends. BUT PLEASE NOTE, please do not post on the internet or share it publicly, this will greatly affect us and we may have to shut down the website.

    Can I download Mods for free without joining Membership ?

    Sorry, you need to get membership to download Mods.

    Is there any free Mods for Guest users ?

    Sorry, currently we still do not have free Mods for Guest users.


    Got a complaint ?

    Our aim is for all of our customers to love everything we do. In the unlikely event this is not the case we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we can put it right for you and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

    For any other complaints we advise that you contact us via email or Live Chat on website where our crew will be happy to assist you immediately and resolve any problems you may have experienced.

    We aim to resolve all complaints within 3 working days unless there are extenuating circumstances.