Hello there, my name is Frederick. I’m a Team Leader of GTA5MODAZ.COM website.

Our TEAM consists of 4 members: Me, Robert, Stephen and Nancy.

Me, Robert and Stephen are GTA 5 Mods Creators and Nancy is a site supporter, Nancy is the girl you used to chat with on Live Chat

We are GTA5 Mods Creators and below is my REALLY LONG STORY…

Most people don’t even know or understand how someone can spend hours or even days working on one single mod… well the best way to explain it is… Passion!!

I always loved to discover and observe the real beauty a Mod can express only by it’s looks!
When I discovered GTA Modding! At start I was a normal Mods user like most of people out there till I asked most known Modders to Model and Rigg my favorite models.

Well, with “arrogance or Fear” all of those modders refused to grant my wish even though i was able to provide a paid 3D model of it and ready to pay for their services!

At that point I had no other choice than to DO AND LEARN it myself !

Of course i did not start the project right away… I decided to do some other Mods to gain experience and to be able to achieve my goal… And so my Journey began in 2014…

Three years later, alot of 3D work and many Released Mods… I felt finally ready to launch the long awaited Dream !

THE GTA5MODAZ.COM Website is born !!!

The site was first built in 2017, and of course, I’m not a web developer. I started to tinker with my own learning and learn everything from buying domain names, hosting and even using plugins for the website.
how to make the website run fast, how to maintain the website and unexpected problems during the operation of the website.

In the early days, the website gta5modaz.com looked like a toddler. There was a time when I had abandoned the site, not caring. It was a really horrible time for me.

In early 2020, I decided to restore the GTA5MODAZ.COM website. After a year of learning about web development, I have rebuilt a GTA5MODAZ.COM website with a completely new look, faster, more convenient and most importantly, updated with more Mods.

At that time, I knew that I alone could not manage all the work, from making mods, website management, website maintenance, customer support… dozens of tasks that need to be done every day. . I decided to find more members with the same passion as me.

At that moment, Robert and Stephen appeared, two people like a blessing that God has given me. That was amazing !

We started working right away by trying to make as many mods as possible every month, partly to satisfy our passion, partly to rebuild the long-lost GTA 5 Mods community. But it’s really hard, you can’t imagine how much it costs to run a website that looks so simple.

You probably won’t believe the $1000 USD we have to spend every month to keep the site running at its best.
Until today, the GTA5MODAZ.COM website that you are using to download Mods every day, it is really a long process full of enthusiasm for me in particular and for the whole GTA5MODAZ team in general.

However, we will not stop developing every day to bring the best to you.
When you have read this far, surely you have understood us better and you are the ones who really understand us.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read these stories.